Microprocessor controlled traction battery charger.



  • Selectable constant voltage or constant current charger (Taper or step)
  • 4 stages of charge – 1. Pre-charge {check for over discharged batteries) | 2. First rate (Bulk charge is constant current) | 3. Second rate {Constant voltage or current) | 4. Equalise {Constant current if needed)


  • Auto cell selection
  • Phase monitoring
  • Immune against input voltage changes (closed loop control system) – Never have to change tap settings or adjust current levels manually, once set by the PC-interface the charger will maintain these levels.


  • USB Interface.
  • Data Logging (30 Days) – Extensive data logging | Flash disk used to retrieve data from charger.
  • Wireless network interface. – Allows user to monitor the charger from a remote location connected to a network, all parameters of the charger is viewable over the network.


  • RF-Tag interface – Battery parameters are stored on the tag which is fitted on the battery. | This allows 600AH and 800AH batteries to be charged on the same charger, as the charger will then sense the presence of a 600AH battery and drop charge currents as required.

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