Lobo Controller Concept


The “LOBO” Controller is a compact Solid State DC Traction Motor Controller custom designed for use in underground mining and tunnelling locomotive applications. The controller design makes use of the latest microprocessor technology to control the main power semiconductor.

The controller comprises of a programmable control computer (Logic), the IGBT Power Semiconductor Module, drivers control and LCD display/driver interface. The modular design offers maximum safety and improved maintainability. User interface can be adapted for a specific application which includes diagnostic codes for ease of fault finding.



  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • CAN-BUS reliable communication between modular components.
  • Driver interface allows software parameter adjustment – Current limit, voltage regulation etc.
  • Battery over discharge protection and display.
  • Adjustable current limit/motor protection.
  • Latching Emergency Stop – forced plug braking.
  • Neutral Braking – activates after programmed time-out when controller in neutral.


  • Normal forward reverse motion based on closed loop current control.
  • Controlled Reverse braking (plug braking).
  • Fault diagnostic LCD display.
  • Vigilance control
  • Pre-use tests
  • Siren button
  • Automatic light switching
  • Mechanical brake interface output (hydraulic/electromechanical)
  • Pendulum operator control handle with “dead man’s” feature


  • Driver access control
  • Smart card access/Card reader
  • Key Control


  • 30 Cell lead acid traction battery supply or 60VDC overhead line.
  • Series wound traction motor option.
  • Dual parallel option where the controller drives two 60V, 120A DC motors in parallel.
  • Complies to SANS 1809/2012 South African standard for underground mining locomotive controllers.

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