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Underground Railways Control Systems

About Us

Underground railway control systems manufacturer Battery Electric is a proudly South African company with a focus on the design and development of microprocessor-controlled underground mine locomotive controllers for battery, overhead trolley line and hydrogen fuel cell-powered systems.

Through strategic industry alliances, Battery Electric has developed exciting new technology applications to ensure a safe and eco-friendly underground mining environment.

The company designs and manufactures microprocessor IGBT modular controllers that can be integrated with Vehicle Management Systems (VMS), Proximity Detection systems (PDS); and Store Energy Mechanical Brake (SEMB) systems to enhance safety management in the mining industry.

Battery Electric’s Maxus locomotive safety management system integrates with its ICON IGBT traction controller and has additional features, such as Proximity Detection, which is a requirement for safety in the underground traction environment.

In addition to the controllers, Battery Electric designs and develops traction battery chargers, traction transformers-rectifier sets with traction trolley line 3-shotauto reclose protection units, and custom designed power electronic equipment.

Established in 1988, Battery Electric now a black-owned entity believes it has revolutionised the mining industry by introducing highly technical electronic management and control systems, not only to improve productivity but also to enhance safety. The electronic management and control systems are in-house designed and manufactured.

The SANS and ISO compliant company has an international market footprint, operating in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, in Africa; Peru, Chile and Mexico, in South America; Canada and Miami, in North America; as well as in Russia and the Philippines.

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